Floss vs. Waterpik?

If you’re like most people, then you may be guilty of not cleaning out between your teeth as often as you should. “Good oral hygiene is important to prevent cavities and gum disease that can lead to tooth loss.” So, if you want to avoid those issues, then you should take care of your teeth as recommended by your dentist. However… which is better for you: floss, or a waterpik?

Which Is Better: Floss, or a Waterpik?

The ADA, or American Dental Association, “recommends cleaning between your teeth daily to remove bacteria and food particles that a toothbrush can’t reach.” This means you have to get into the habit of using floss or a waterpik to do just that. Different people have different preferences, and some are already in the habit of one over the other, but if you are still up in the air about it, then read on to learn some of the differences.

You should already know what floss is, but you may not have ever used a waterpik before. Essentially, it is something that you use to shoot streams of water at your teeth in order to knock loose any lingering food particles. Though it doesn’t go between your teeth the way that floss does, the water pressure may be able to reach and dislodge pieces that you miss while flossing. There is the obvious price difference, with floss being very cheap and the waterpik… not so much, but the differences are more than just that alone.

Floss “is effective for cleaning tight spaces between teeth and will also scrape up and down the sides of each tooth.” However, many people forgo it because it is painful for many, at least at first, and can cause bleeding of the gums for those who are more sensitive. Also, if you have braces or any other kind of metal in your mouth, those spaces can be nearly impossible to clear out with floss alone.

A waterpik, on the other hand, is both “gentle on the gums” and can be used to reach places that the floss doesn’t adequately cover. Unfortunately, the water doesn’t rub away plaque the way that flossing between your teeth does. Really, both have pros and cons and neither is clearly better or worse than the other. Perhaps you could consider both?

If you want to learn more about how flossing and using a waterpik can help keep your teeth healthy, then get in touch with Riverdale Park Dental. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient. Our goal is to work together as a team to bring you the highest quality treatment in a warm, caring setting using modern technology, equipment and procedures.


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