There are many benefits in having an dental office near you. Not only is it convenient but you will appreciate having an excellent doctor within 30 minutes of your home. Hyattsville, MD is very close to Riverdale Park Dental which is located in Riverdale Park, Maryland. You will be happy to be close to a reputable dentist that can help protect your smile for a lifetime.

Riverdale Park Dental- an Dental Office Near Hyattsville, MD

Riverdale Park Dental is a dental officer that serves the Hyattsville and College Park areas. We work to protect the oral health for families, children and adults seeking professional dental care. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to bringing you the highest quality treatment in a welcoming and caring setting.

Reasons Why Riverdale Park Dental is one of the Best Dental Offices Near Hyattsville, MD

There are many reasons why Riverdale Park Dental is one of the best dental offices near Hyattsville, MD. Many of these reasons deal with our resident dentist, Dr. Tricia Boyce. She graduated from the Linda University School of Dentistry in 2000 and has dedicated her career to all phases of dentistry including private practice and military health settings.

Riverdale Park Dental can provide individuals living near Hyattsville with the highest quality dental care. It is important to see your dentist frequently because there are a variety of benefits that come with having a dentist near you. Some of the benefits of getting routine dental cleanings include:

  • Protecting your overall health– Having regular dental cleanings can help you detect some serious health problems earlier so you can be treated sooner.
  • Prevent against cavities– Plaque can cause tooth decay and lead to cavities if not treated frequently. Hard to get plaque is cleaned off during dental cleanings. Remember to brush and floss regularly to prevent plaque build-up between visits.
  • Bright and white smiles– Coffee, tea and wine tend to cause staining and plaque to build up on our teeth. When you see your dentist, your stains will be polished away. ¬†

Looking for Dental Offices near Hyattsville, MD? Set up Your Appointment with Riverdale Park Dental Today!

Patients looking for dental offices near Hyattsville, MD can contact Riverdale Park Dental for dental appointments. New patients should bring insurance, proper identification and any forms. The appointment process can also be done online for your convenience.

Riverdale Park Dental provides comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to understanding and meeting your needs. Fill out your forms online and contact us to set up your appointment with Riverdale Park Dental. Lets create smiles that last a lifetime.