Did You Chip Your Tooth?

Chipped teeth may result from common day-to-day accidents. Biting hard foods, falling, being hit in the mouth or cheek and even tooth decay can cause a chipped tooth. In many cases, individuals are not even aware they have chipped a tooth until their tongue feels a sharp spot or they experience pain during chewing. Sometimes, [...]

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What Are the Top Health Foods & Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Teeth Happy This Summer?

Good dental health is more critical than most people realize and nutrition plays a significant role in this effort. While brushing and flossing is critical to keeping your oral health in top shape, you also need to remember that what you eat is just an important. Eating the right foods contribute to healthy, clean and shiny [...]

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Is a Mouth Guard Necessary for My Dental Care?

Dental care ensures you have a good dental health; it is wise to visit your dentist regularly. However, sometimes your dentist may prescribe a dental guard for you. For some individuals, wearing a mouth guard might seem insignificant and uncomfortable, but it actually has significant dental health benefits. The Importance of Mouth Guards for Dental [...]

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