Dr Tricia Boyce Explains the Importance of Flossing

While many people brush their teeth twice a day, fewer people floss regularly. An essential part of dental hygiene, flossing allows you to reach in between your teeth, where your toothbrush cannot access as well. Flossing protects your teeth, your gums, and contributes to your overall health. Dr Tricia Boyce at Riverdale Park Dental [...]

2019-04-03T16:25:37+00:00April 8th, 2019|Tricia Boyce|

Inspired by America’s First Female Dentist

Today, there are 198,517 dentists working in the field of dentistry. Of these, slightly more than 60,000 are women according to the American Dental Association. Currently, women have access to all medical professions, but that wasn't always the case. Who Was the First Female Dentist in the U.S.? The first American women to graduate [...]

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