Many people know that it’s crucial to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Frequent brushing reduces the risk of gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay, and improves overall oral hygiene. However, just like any other activity, the technique is vital. Poor brushing technique can almost be the same as not brushing teeth at all. Continue reading for the most pertinent tips on improving your brushing routine. Plus, visit a local dentist for some tips. If you’re looking for a College Park dental practice, visit Riverdale Park Dental for your next dentist appointment.

Which Toothbrush is Best?

Many dentists recommend using a soft bristle brush. Studies show that a soft bristle brush cleans just as well as a medium or hard bristle brush. However, a soft bristle brush won’t scrub off your protective enamel. Additionally, for anyone with sensitive teeth or gums, soft bristle brushes are preferable.

A properly sized toothbrush will fit the mouth, allowing easy access to the back corners. Whenever you’re brushing, make sure to get every corner of your mouth. And, scrub that tongue too!

Which Toothpaste is Best?

There are many things you should buy at a discount, but toothpaste is probably not one of them. Use a high-quality toothpaste to ensure it’s not full of unnecessary chemicals. Look for toothpaste brands that have the stamp of approval from the American Dental Association.

Don’t Forget Flossing

No matter how long your brush, your toothbrush is always going to miss some spots. This is why so many dentists encourage patients to floss regularly. Flossing gets those spots in between your teeth that you couldn’t reach. This is essential as you can get cavities in between your teeth too.

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Regular visits to the dentist are a significant part of oral health care. If you visit your dentist frequently, they can catch small problems before they spiral into larger, more expensive, and more painful procedures. Additionally, your dentist can teach you preventative measures you can incorporate to reduce future issues. If you’re searching for a College Park dental office, discover nearby Riverdale Park Dental. At Riverdale Park Dental, we take great care to make sure you are comfortable throughout any procedure. Make an appointment today to make sure your oral hygiene is in the best shape.

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