Refined sugar has a bad reputation, and for good reason – it can cause many health issues and make it harder to get the healthy foods that your body needs. While you may know that eating sugary snacks and candy is bad for your teeth, there’s another culprit standing between you and a pearly smile – sugary drinks! Dr. Tricia Boyce and the staff at Riverdale Park Dental is here to help anyone looking for a dentist in Lanham. Read on for more information about the harmful effects of sugary drinks.

Effects of Sugar

Refined white sugar and its cousin, high fructose corn syrup, have a lot of negative effects on your health. Too much sugar can lead to obesity, which causes many problems for your body. It can make it harder for you to process healthy foods and can even cause diabetes. Sugar also leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

How Do Sugary Drinks Cause Tooth Decay?

You may know that eating sugary foods can cause tooth decay. The sugar is in constant contact with your teeth, wearing down the enamel and causing tooth decay. However, sugary drinks are almost as bad. Why? Well, the bacteria in your mouth love eating sugar. In fact, the sugar in many of your favorite beverages causes the bacteria to multiply very fast, corroding the enamel on your teeth and causing decay.

It’s the bacteria, plus the acids in sugary beverages, that do the most damage. Both the bacteria and acid wear down the enamel, allowing the sugar to cause decay in the vulnerable tooth. Plus, drinking sugar cues your body to feel hungry, which can lead to craving unhealthy and sugary foods.

What To Avoid

It’s not just full-sugar sodas that you should avoid if you wish to prevent tooth decay. Fruit juices, while they may have many vitamins and minerals you need, are also full of sugar. Avoid energy drinks, as well. In addition to the caffeine, they have lots of sugar to give you that burst of energy.

Drink This Instead

If you can’t live without your favorite bubbly soft drink, opt for flavored sparkling water. Or, you could choose to invest in your own soda maker, with a CO2 cartridge that allows you to make your own carbonated water. You can also choose water with cucumber or a slice of lemon if you want something with a hint of flavor.

If you’re worried about the health of your teeth or looking for a dentist in Lanham, there’s good news! The team at nearby Riverdale Park Dental can clean and seal your teeth helping remove some of the damage that sugary beverages do. Contact us today!

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