If you are a patient of Dr. Tricia Boyce, a dentist in Riverdale, you know that she reminds her patients about the importance of regularly brushing your teeth. You should use your toothbrush at least twice a day, every day. But, have you ever wondered about the history of the toothbrush? Read on to learn more about how today’s toothbrush came into existence.

Who Invented the Toothbrush?

There is a vast history of ancient civilizations who used tools to clean their teeth. 5,000-year-old artifacts found in Egypt include pieces of wood that were chewed on one end to create a brush-like shape. Next, in the 1400s, people in China created a brush using a bone or bamboo handle and boar-hair bristles. Then, in 1780, Englishman William Addis made a toothbrush in prison. He later turned this invention into the first mass-produced toothbrush and made a fortune selling them.

H. N. Wadsworth was the first American to patent a toothbrush in 1857. Mass production of toothbrushes in the US began around 1885, after the patent expired. The toothbrush that we know today was created in 1953 using softer bristles for brushing. The first electric toothbrush was invented in 1939 in Switzerland and was introduced to the public for use in the 1960s.

Why Toothbrushes Matter

Toothbrushes matter because dental hygiene is key to our overall health. It’s so important to maintain regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups. Your mouth is an entry point for bacteria into the rest of your body. Regular oral hygiene prevents this bacteria from entering further into your body and developing into diseases.

Some health conditions linked to poor dental hygiene include cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications, pneumonia, and endocarditis. Make an appointment with your dentist today for a complete oral hygiene checkup.

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