Dental care ensures you have a good dental health; it is wise to visit your dentist regularly. However, sometimes your dentist may prescribe a dental guard for you. For some individuals, wearing a mouth guard might seem insignificant and uncomfortable, but it actually has significant dental health benefits.

The Importance of Mouth Guards for Dental Care

Utilizing a mouth guard for your dental health has numerous benefits and could be recommended for various reasons including:

Protecting and preserving teeth especially during physical activity –

During physical activities like sports, one could lose a tooth due to an accident. Teeth can also be destroyed from constant grinding and clenching. Using a mouth guard aims to provide an extra layer of safety to help protect your teeth.

Maintaining the integrity of facial structures

This is especially for the posterior or rear teeth. When you lose your teeth structure, the bite collapses, and this compromises facial integrity. The facial muscles lose their structure overtime and the face shows the effects, so a mouth guard can help keep the bite structure and your facial integrity.

To prevent other dental issues

By putting on a mouth guard, you keep yourself guarded against many defects that might occur after a root canal treatment. Sometimes it is better to be safe, than sorry. You might not even realize your teeth are doing things that could harm your overall dental health, so inserting a mouth guard can help prevent and ensure your dental care.

The Type of Mouth Guard Matters for Your Overall Dental Care

There are many different types of mouth guards, choosing the right on is very important. Three common mouth guards are;

  1. Custom-fitted mouth guards – These kinds of guards provide the best fit and comfort to the user because they are made to precisely fit your teeth.
  2. The mouth formed mouth guards – They can be made either a boil and bite kind or a shell liner.
  3. Stock mouth guards – They come preformed and ready for the user to wear.

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