Does your child play a sport that may result in a mouth injury? Sports such as football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse have high incidents of mouth injuries for players. A sports mouth guard can help. This protective device worn over the teeth defends from blows to the mouth and head. Riverdale Park Dental, a Riverdale family dental office, recommends using mouth guards for youth sports.

There are many benefits of sports mouth guards for your kids. Sports mouth guards serve to protect your child’s teeth from impact during a fall or hit. A mouth injury can be painful, dangerous and leave permanent cosmetic consequences. The cost of paying for mouth injury aftercare can be expensive as well. A sports mouth guard is the best preventative tool out there to decrease risks of mouth injuries for your children.

Options for Mouth Guards

There are three main types of mouth guards. A custom mouth guard is made specifically for the individual. Your dentist will make a mold of your teeth and create a mouth guard that fits your teeth perfectly. This mouth guard is the most comfortable as it is made specifically for you. It is the option most athletes prefer. However, this is the most expensive option for mouth guards.

Another mouth guard option is “boil and bite” mouth guards. These mouth guards are semi-customized. You can purchase “boil and bite” mouth guards at most sporting goods stores. It is a pre-formed mold that you boil and then bite into. This process molds the mouth guard to take on the shape of your teeth.

The last option is “stock” mouth guards. These are pre-made and do not take the shape of your teeth. As a result, they are not very comfortable to wear and can sometimes make it difficult to breathe. These are the cheapest option on the market.

It is best to consult with a dental professional when deciding which mouth guard option is best for your child, depending on their specific sports activity. At Riverdale Park Dental, we have extensive experience in mouth guards and will ensure the right decision is made for your child.

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