Recently, on a short trip to New Hampshire, I visited a place called Castle in the Clouds. A historic 16-room mansion built in the early 20th century, the estate is located high in the magnificent Ossippe Mountain Range.

While viewing the historic home, I was fascinated to see a tube of toothpaste on display.  I was intrigued by this historic relic, not just because I am a dentist, but also because of the small size of this toothpaste tube in comparison to those of present day.  When I returned home I decided to do a bit of research.

Prior to the invention of toothpaste, tooth powders, along with toothpicks and brushes, were used to clean teeth. In the 1850s, a Connecticut dentist named Dr. Washington Sheffield created the very first version of tooth paste: a tooth creme with mint extracts.  He used the tooth paste on his patients and demand for it grew.

Dr. Sheffield’s son, Lucius, joined the family business and traveled to Paris to study dental surgery. While there he observed artists squeezing paint from collapsible tubes. Lucius suggested to his father that packaging toothpaste in a similar tube would be both more convenient and more hygienic. Because, up until that point, people dipped their brushes into the paste — sometimes numerous family members’ brushes all dipping into the same jar! Dr. Sheffield agreed with his son and in 1892, he developed America’s first toothpaste tube. The first tubes were much smaller and made of tin– we’ve come a long way!

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