On August 11, 2018, the Riversdale House Museum held the annual reenactment of the Battle of Bladensburg. The battle was an important loss for the U.S. during the War of 1812.  After the American retreat, the British easily advanced into Washington, D.C. and burned down the White House, the Capitol, and other buildings in D.C. The reenactment featured cannon firings, house tours, history lessons from actors in costume, and all in our very own community! There was also a great dental history lesson. Who would have realized the great importance of dental health in these important moments of history?!

While speaking to British troop reenactors, I learned all about musket rifles and the laborious loading process and high probability of a misfire. Additionally, I also learned how important it was for soldiers to take care of their teeth. A typical British soldier carried around a toothbrush because they, along with their American opponents, needed at least two opposing teeth in their mouths in order to fire their weapon. At the time of the War of 1812, both gunpowder and musket balls were packed together in a paper cartridge. During battle, a soldier would have to bite off the end of the paper cartridge and pour its contents into the musket. Without teeth, soldiers would have to use both hands and drop everything else they needed to fire the weapon, including the weapon itself.

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Pictures from the Riversdale House Museum

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