Did you ever wonder where the legend of the Tooth Fairy began? The origins of the Tooth Fairy can be traced to a French fairy tale called La Bonne Petite Souris. However, in this 18th century story, the fairy was not just a fairy. It was a fairy that turned into a mouse to help an imprisoned queen.  The mouse hid under the pillow of an evil king, knocked out his teeth, and eventually had the king killed. Certainly the story of the fairy mouse was likely very frightening to children. Eventually, in the 20th century, a different kind of Tooth Fairy would appear.

How The Tooth Fairy Got Her Wings

During the 1900’s, a new version of the Tooth Fairy came around. The Tooth Fairy, written in 1927 by Ester Watkins Arnold, was a three-act play for children. Now she was a good fairy that brought gifts instead of trouble. Following that, in 1949, Lee Rogow wrote the children’s fantasy “The Tooth Fairy.” The story became very popular and led to additional stories and cartoons about the Tooth Fairy.

However, it wasn’t until after World War II that the Tooth Fairy really got her wings. America was enjoying a period of prosperity where parents were happy to give children some extra money for a tooth. Additionally, a friendly fairy could comfort kids who may be afraid of the, sometimes bloody, loss of their tooth. It was during this time that the idea of a tiny fairy with wings, a crown and wand flew into the popular culture of America.

Today kids still look forward to receiving a reward under their pillow in exchange for a baby tooth. Similarly, children in other parts of the world also wait for the Tooth Fairy. The modern Tooth Fairy now makes her way to Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

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