If you have kids, it is likely they went to parties or out trick-or-treating. Now your house is overflowing with a lot of candy. It is okay for them to eat a few pieces of candy a day (make sure they brush and floss after eating!). However, the temptation may be there for them to go into candy overload. Thankfully, Riverdale Park Dental, a dentist in PG County has some ideas to prevent children from eating all of their Halloween candy too quickly.

Don’t Go Crazy for Halloween Candy

Set The Rules. Tell your children how many pieces of candy they can eat per day. The novelty of the candy will likely fade after a few days, so you can ask them if they are willing to put away some of their candy.  If they follow the rules, they get a reward. Examples of good rewards include money, a small prize or some extra technology or video time.

Give The Candy to Charitable Organizations. There are many charitable organizations that take donations of candy. One example is Operation Gratitude. They send candy those that serve our country.  Ship your Halloween candy to them and they will include it in care packages sent to soldiers, first responders, veterans and military families. Also, look to donate candy to hospitals, women’s shelters or nursing homes.

The “Halloween Spirit”. The “Halloween Spirit” is a great way to exchange toys for other items like books and small toys. Explain that the spirit takes candy away but leaves children special non-candy treats and toys.

Freeze The Candy. Did you know that most candy can be frozen? It will last longer and can be eaten later in the year when there isn’t so much candy around the house.

Take it to Work. What grown-up doesn’t like the occasional treat? Drop off the candy to your office break room or lobby. Share the treats and get the extra sugar out of your house!

No matter how you decide to curb your child’s craving for candy, Riverdale Park Dental, a dentist in PG County will care for your family’s teeth all year round.


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