If you have ever been in a dental office, then you have probably come into contact with dental hygienists. A dental hygienist works together with a dentist to help ensure your dental health. The oral health of patients takes priority in a dental office, but a hygienist has as many roles outside your mouth as they do in it! Many times dental hygienists will counsel patients, helping them understand the need to maintain their oral care with proper nutrition. For patients who lack knowledge of dental care, a dental hygienist might teach the patient good methods for maintaining oral health, such as how to properly brush and floss their teeth. Still outside the mouth but with a more medical role, a hygienist may have to take x-rays and develop them.

Each state has separate rule sets that define the duties a dental hygienist must be competent with. One constant across states is that dental hygienists will always perform standard dental procedures such as patient screening, removing plaque, and putting fluorides and sealants on teeth. There is a long running joke in our society that people hate dentists, but as a dental hygienist you don’t have to worry about evoking the ire of strangers when you tell them your profession. A dental hygienist won’t be drilling or pulling teeth, and instead gets peace of mind in knowing that their part of the job is always the most pleasant part of a dental trip (unless you count leaving).

On the academic side, a licensed dental hygienist can help administer clinical studies and trials in teaching institutions. Another interesting side to being a licensed dental hygienist is dental marketing. A dental hygienist has the option of advocating dental products and services. Due to their education and licensing, they are uniquely qualified to work as dental company representatives. Growing a close relationship with large dental product companies offers healthy monetary benefits. While many medical professions are required to maintain an on-call status, dental hygienists can work on set hours but maintain comfortable job security. While it’s clear that being a dental hygienist is a great job, people who go into the profession have to go through high levels of schooling and training just as any other medical profession does.

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