At the start of a dental check-up the dentist may ask you to take a set of x-rays. If you wonder why he or she has ordered them, there are many benefits. Riverdale Park Dental, a dentist near Hyattsville MD is here to answer your questions. Read on to learn more about the x-rays your dentist is requesting so they can provide you the best dental health.

How Does Your Dentist Use X-Rays?

There are many benefits to dental x-rays, which is why they are still one of the most trusted tools of dentists. According to, x-rays offer a high level of detail of the bone, tissues, and teeth in the mouth. This level of detail allows dentists to find cavities and monitor dental health. Additionally, x-rays identify periodontal disease, give a good view of bone health, and allow us to see tooth roots. In pediatric dental patients, dental x-rays also allow a dentist to see if developing teeth are coming in properly.

In general, dentists perform one of four types of dental x-rays based on your age, health of your teeth, and suspected issues. The periapical x-ray takes a close look at one tooth showing it from the crown down to the supporting jaw bone. The panoramic x-ray shows the full picture of the jaw including the teeth, nasal area, jaw joints, general jaw, and sinuses. This is usually taken when an implant is being considered. An occlusal x-ray shows the lower or upper jaw and is good for children to identify the differences between baby and adult teeth. Finally, the bite-wing is used to show lower and upper posterior teeth and together help determine if there is decay in the back and how the teeth touch when the jaw is closed.

Dental X-Rays are Much Safer Than Ever

A lot of people worry about having yearly dental x-rays. It is true that repeated radiation can cause issues, but the amount of radiation from an x-ray is small. Modern dental x-rays only expose you to a minimal amount of radiation. Plus, most dental offices use high-speed film that reduces exposure time even more. Rest assured, the risk of radiation exposure is dramatically less than the risk of unnoticed dental decay.

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Dental x-rays are just one tool used to help keep your teeth healthy. The best way to maintain good dental health is by scheduling your six-month cleaning and staying on top of dental issues as they arise. Looking for a dentist near Hyattsville MD? Riverdale Park Dental in nearby Riverdale Park is here to treat your family’s dental needs. Contact us today to learn more about our office.

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